Tear Strength

Outstanding tear strength keeps detail intact.

Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting® Impression Material captures a level of detail far beyond the leading polyether or any VPS. Aquasil Ultra's wash material is at least 40% stronger than 23 other leading wash materials tested. And separation from the mouth is easy, without tearing or distortion. Request a free, five-minute demo to see Aquasil Ultra impression material in action.

Tear Strength*

Wettability Graph

* Data on file. For test method visit caulk.com. Exafast Inj, Examix Inj, Flextime LT Flow, Take 1 Advanced, Impregum Penta Soft, SplashLV, Imprint 3 LB, and Exa'lence Wash are not registered trademarks of DENTSPLY International.